Credit Bureau Integration
Technical Details

End users wanted to view Reports from different Credit Bureaus within their Credit Decisioning Application and wanted to use data points from these reports as part of their Credit Decision Model.

From requirements gathering, to design, development, testing, launch, and support; this project was all about juggling very technical communication with the Bureaus and conveying the information to technical and non-technical audiences to ensure that both the client’s requirements and the Bureau’s security requirements were met. This project was different for me because this was a team that was new to Scrum and we were getting feedback from end users and from the Bureaus - tackling both can be challenging. Coaching the team on the importance of being flexible and adapting to change was of high importance during this project.

  • Project Management Methodology: Agile
  • Project Management Framework: Scrum
  • Technical Stack:  
    • Javascript using Sencha's ExtJS Framework
    • .NET - language: C#
    • OData Protocol
    • Entity Framework
    • SQL Server 2005
    • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • 3rd Party APIs:
    • Experian's NetConnect API (XML Web Service)
    • AnscersX REST API
    • DnB Direct REST API
  • The following reports can be viewed within the application and specific data points can be used in multiple Credit Decision Models:
    • Experian's Premier Profile, Business Owner Profile, and BOP Blended Report.
    • Credit Management Association's  AnscersX (Multi Credit Bureau) Report.
    • DnB Direct 2.0 Custom Report .
  • Automatic Customer scoring upon requesting a Bureau Report.
  • One-Click Customer creation based on AnscersX search results.
  • The team is now comfortable working on projects with multiple sources of feedback and rapidly adapting to change.
  • The project was delivered on time and on budget.