Membership Website
Technical Details

I worked with a Digital Producer, graphic designers, and PHP Developers to customize the Soho WordPress Theme, to configure and customize the Magic Members plugin, and to find and load content for hundreds of member only posts.

I loved this project because I got to coordinate dependencies and communication with a distributed team of freelancers whose members were all in different time zones. I’m usually very big on keeping the same team for the duration of a project, but when working with freelancers this isn’t always possible; managing the handoffs was key to the success of this project. The Digital Producer and I developed short instruction documents that detailed our standards for post creation, graphic work, and general changes to code.

  • Project Management Methodology: Agile
  • Project Management Framework: Kanban
  • Tech Stack:
    • PHP
    • WordPress
    • MySQL
  • 3rd Party Themes/Plugins that were customized & configured:
    • Magic Members Plugin
    • Soho WordPress Theme

This website is live and can be seen at: