SaaS Development
Technical Details

While working with CreditPoint Software I got the opportunity to manage multiple development projects. The bulk of the projects were to add new features and new modules to an existing code base. These projects included everything from requirements gathering, writing user stories, design, development, functional testing, user acceptance testing, regression testing, release planning, and post launch support. One of the projects that I am the proudest of is the development of a new product line (CreditAlert), it all started as a hallway conversation idea and after multiple sprints we were able to deliver a robust product in record time.

The teams were co-located, and after mostly working with distributed teams, I thought communication with a co-located team would be a piece of cake; but it has its own challenges. I used my experience from previous projects and stayed true to my Agile roots and worked with the teams to really engage with each other and communicate constantly. Whether it was face-to-face or via instant messaging; quick huddles and impromptu demos were the keys to success.

  • Project Management Methodology: Agile
  • Project Management Framework: SCRUM
  • Technical Stack:  
    • Javascript using Sencha's ExtJS Framework
    • .NET - language: C#
    • OData Protocol
    • Entity Framework
    • SQL Server 2005
    • Windows Server 2008 R2