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phone with photo of Lauren Zabel, a white woman, and Jon Gulick, a white man, and the words: Episode 2 Get 60% more applicants with guests Jon Gulick and Lauren Zabel

Get 60% more Qualified Applicants with a Recruiting Podcast

In the latest episode of Throw Out The Playbook, I sat down with Jon Gulick and Lauren Zabel, the masterminds behind the second season of Twitter’s wildly successful recruiting podcast #BuildingCharacters. They spilled all the tea on how they conceived, executed, and measured the impact of #Building Characters.

But the podcast was just one piece of a multi-channel digital strategy. That’s what most companies get wrong. They focus on individual tactics and don’t look at the complete picture.

Today, I’m sharing how you can create a Digital Recruiting Strategy.

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Identify your unique hiring needs and differentiators

Before you start creating content, get crystal clear on what sets your company apart and what specific roles or skills you’re targeting. Twitter focused on showcasing their remote work culture and attracting new grads, for example.

Step 2: Craft a content plan that aligns with your goals

Based on your hiring priorities, brainstorm a mix of content formats and topics that will resonate with your target candidates. This could include blog posts, social media campaigns, virtual events, and, yes, even a podcast! The key is to provide genuine value and insights, not just a sales pitch.

Step 3: Promote, promote, promote

Once you have your content, it’s time to get it in front of the right people. Take a page from Jon & Lauren’s playbook and leverage every channel at your disposal. Email your candidate database, post on social media, run targeted ads, and encourage your employees to share with their networks. The more touchpoints, the better.

Step 4: Measure (and celebrate) your results

Set clear KPIs for your digital recruiting initiatives, like application numbers, conversion rates, and candidate quality scores. Track them religiously and report on your progress to leadership. And don’t forget to celebrate your wins along the way. Jon and Lauren are very proud of their 60% increase in applications and the four hires they were able to make directly from their podcast audience.

Step 5: Inspect and Adapt

The beauty of digital recruiting is that it’s an iterative process. Monitor your metrics, gather candidate feedback, and continuously refine your approach. The more you learn about what resonates with your audience, the more effective your strategy will become over time.

If you want the full details on how Twitter’s University Recruiting team made #BuildingCharacters a success, check out the full episode. Jon and Lauren share their hard-won lessons on everything from securing executive buy-in to sourcing diverse guests to nailing the right podcast format.

Image of podcast player showing details of the episode: Ex-Twitter Recruiters share how to get 60% more applicants

And if you’re feeling inspired to launch your own recruiting podcast, let’s chat! Trust me, it’s easier than you think!

Talk to you next week!

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