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Hiring Manager

The Hiring Manager is the individual directly responsible for filling an open position within their team or department.
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Who is a Hiring Manager?

The Hiring Manager is the individual directly responsible for filling an open position within their team or department. They act as the captain of the hiring ship, steering the process from identifying the need for a new hire to extending the coveted job offer.


What does a Hiring Manager do?

Their responsibilities encompass a range of tasks, including:

  • Crafting the job description: Writing a clear and compelling description that attracts qualified candidates aligned with the team’s needs.
  • Screening applications and resumes: Partnering with their Recruiting team to identify potential candidates who meet the essential qualifications and match the desired team culture.
  • Conducting interviews: Leading or participating in interviews to assess candidates’ skills, experience, and fit for the role and team.
  • Making hiring decisions: Weighing up all factors and ultimately selecting the best candidate for the position.
  • Onboarding the new hire: Ensuring a smooth transition for the new employee, introducing them to the team and company culture.


Why are Hiring Managers important?

Beyond filling open positions, the Hiring Manager plays a crucial role in shaping the team’s success. They are responsible for building a high-performing team with the right skills and cultural fit, directly impacting team dynamics, productivity, and overall company performance.


What makes a good Hiring Manager?

Effective Hiring Managers possess a unique blend of skills and qualities, including:

  • Leadership: The ability to guide the hiring process and inspire their team.
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills to convey expectations, provide feedback, and build rapport with candidates.
  • Decision-making: Strong analytical skills to assess candidates objectively and make sound hiring decisions.
  • Time management: Efficiently manage the hiring process while balancing other responsibilities.
  • Cultural awareness: Understand the importance of building a diverse and inclusive team.


Remember, Hiring Managers are not recruiters, but their role is critical to the hiring process. They partner with your Talent Acquisition team and are also the guardians of your talent pipeline, ensuring a steady flow of qualified individuals who contribute to your company’s growth and success.



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