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Hire Better & Faster in 2024

If you’ve been recruiting for a while, you probably know that job titles can mean wildly different things at different companies. I ran into this last year while trying to fill an eCommerce Manager role.

The Job Title was as clear as mud…

We had what we thought was the perfect job posting, even though we know most candidates just glance at the title and hit apply. As you can imagine, we were flooded with resumes. And most of them were not even remotely a fit.

The hiring manager, the recruiter assigned to the role, and I were pretty frustrated. This was a new role; it was a last-minute, urgent role (when aren’t they 🙃), and we didn’t have a pipeline for it.

We were all pretty comfortable with social recruiting and had posted about the role multiple times. But the candidates we were attracting were just not the right ones.

There had to be a better way!

So we decided to test out a different approach. We created a video where the hiring manager shared the backstory of why we had created the role and insights into what would make someone successful. Here’s the link to the video.

Screenshot of Instagram post sharing the Hiring Manager's video

The moment we released the video, things started to shift.

It was more than just a job posting; we were telling a story. We shared it across our networks, and the response was immediate. The video didn’t just attract candidates; it attracted the right candidates.

This video worked for a few reasons:

  • It was candidate-centric
  • We shared a compelling story
  • It was short

It wasn’t perfect, though. A few things could have made it even better:

  • A stronger hook. Including the word “you” in the first 3-5 seconds of the video would have increased viewer engagement.
  • A spoken Call to Action (CTA). We included the CTA on-screen and in the post caption, but saying it out loud helps reinforce the desired action.

I’ve created many different types of videos and used them to attract qualified candidates successfully.

👉🏾 Check out this short YouTube video where I share 3 of my favorite types of videos to attract candidates.

GIF of the first 5 seconds of a YouTube video showing Rhona Pierce explaining how to use video to attract candidates

What questions do you have about using video to attract candidates? Let me know in the comments.

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