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LinkedIn Algorithm Changes for 2024

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is here to stay, especially for those of us looking to attract qualified talent to our company. But like every other social media platform, LinkedIn switches things up from time to time. Richard van der Blom just released the 2024 LinkedIn Algorithm Insights Report, which is amazing as usual!

Today, I want to share my 5 key takeaways from the report.

Why should you care about algorithm changes?

LinkedIn’s algorithm tweaks can significantly impact how your content is seen and engaged with. Staying ahead means you’re more likely to attract your ideal candidates.

Let’s dive in.

Increased Focus on Engagement

LinkedIn is doubling down on the relationship side of its platform. Unlike other platforms, they put great emphasis on engagement. You can’t just post and ghost. “The platform now evaluates creator engagement throughout a post’s life-cycle beyond the initial “golden hour.”

The report pinpoints three critical phases for engagement: The first 60-mins, after 6 Hours, 24 hours after posting.

Screenshot from 2024 Algorithm Insights Report illustrating the three critical phases for engagement

Original & Authentic Content

LinkedIn continues to favor original content over purely promotional content. Mixing up the type of content you share is important to keep engagement high and avoid monotony.

Richard cautions us to Prioritize Quality. He mentioned that:

“The Algorithm retains a memory of the performance of your last 10-15 posts. A series of posts with low engagement could lead LinkedIn to limit the visibility of your future publications.”

Repost Content

LinkedIn has continued to introduce features to facilitate content sharing. They’re looking to stimulate content distribution among its users. Things like the ability to transform a comment into a standalone post and the ability to either ‘Instant Repost’ or ‘Repost with your Thoughts’ are part of these efforts to bolster content activity on the platform.

The Power of Instant Reposts

Instant Reposts are great for the original creator. When your post is ‘Instantly Reposted’ within the initial four hours of its life, it can experience a remarkable boost—up to 40% increase in growth.

Repost with Thoughts

Adding your insights when reposting does very little for the original poster since LinkedIn considers a ‘Repost with Thoughts’ to be fresh content for the creator sharing. Prompting your network to use the ‘Instant Repost’ feature is the best option for maximizing reach.

Diversify Content Types

Combining text and an image continues to be a strong strategy to grab attention on LinkedIn. These types of posts are the 3rd in reach – 1.26 times increase over the average. But brevity is beneficial. Richard recommends keeping them between 900 and 1,200 characters long. As far as images, the algorithm favors personalized images over stock photography and AI-generated images.

Carousel posts continue to maintain a higher reach, currently 1.6 times more than Text+Image posts. But their reach is down from what we saw in June of 2023. The ideal number of slides is 12, and 25 to 50 words per slide is the sweet spot for performance.

Video posts are here to stay. Videos are outperforming other content types in terms of engagement. For personal profiles, videos rank fourth in reach at 1.21 times the median, while for company pages, they are third at 1.44 times the median.

LinkedIn Groups

I was surprised to read about the impact of sharing posts in groups for brand growth. But it makes sense. Groups are great for:

  • Engagement & Community Building
  • Audience Insight and Pain Point Discovery
  • Reach expansion
  • Cultivating Meaningful Relationships
  • Establishing Thought Leadership

“Active participation in Groups can improve your overall visibility on LinkedIn, enhancing your profile’s search ranking and Social Selling Index (SSI) growth.”

Next Steps

These were just some of my takeaways from this report. It’s long, but it’s an easy read, and I encourage you to take some time and read it.

I hope you’ll see a marked improvement in your LinkedIn engagement and talent attraction efforts by leveraging these algorithm updates to your advantage.

Talk to you next week!


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