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Time To Rethink Your Hiring Strategies

Everything in business has changed, except for the hiring strategies MOST companies use.

That’s why we see people go to LinkedIn and say things like:

  • No one wants to work
  • Employees aren’t loyal anymore
  • All they care about is money

The Problem with Outdated Hiring Practices

You’ll never catch them saying what they really mean, which is:

  • Why hire 2 people when we can get a BOGO special? One person can do both of these roles.
  • We can’t communicate what career progression looks like at this company.
  • Our money is for shareholders, NOT for paying livable wages.

And these people are so loud…

Finding Forward-Thinking Recruiters

When I first started recruiting, I had a hard time finding my people.

➡️ The people who understand the world of work has changed, is changing, and will continue to change.

➡️ The people who adapt to what’s happening in the world and adapt their hiring strategies to match modern times and meet candidates where they’re at.

I’ve found my people! They are EVERYWHERE. And I want to amplify their voices. So, I started a podcast, and the first episode launches next week.

Topics Covered in the Podcast

We’re covering topics like:

  • Podcasting to attract talent and improve the quality of applications
  • How to partner with hiring managers to hire the best people
  • How top recruiters do it all and still treat candidates like humans
  • And so much more!

Check out the video trailer to learn more. If you prefer audio, you can listen to it here.

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I’d love it if you would subscribe to the podcast. I promise you won’t regret it.

🎙️ Subscribe to the Throw Out The Playbook Podcast on:

I’m so excited for this podcast, and I hope you love it as well.

Talk to you next week!

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